Remedy for tired eyes

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Remedy for tired eyes.


Nominated for a Pushcart Prize, yeah! Link sent as separate tweet

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…till someone shows me how to do it right.

Remedy for tired eyes

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I did it once and my vision was clear, cool and effortless until the next morning, when I did it again for a few minutes. “Prana” means “breath.” This is the video I found but there are many others.  Amazing. A ton of suffering has melted away. No more struggle!  I really hope it works for you.

The link didn’t post. Okay, here it is:


60%+ of the global population, barely 1% of its literature

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That’s right. More than 60% of the human race is Asian, but Asian literature comprises barely 1% of the global literary stage, according to the founder of the Man Asia Literary Prize, rest in peace (October 18, 2012).  No, I hope it doesn’t rest in peace.  One might consider global literature the last bastion of the Old World Order, with its concerns and issues and voices corseted by the past, fettered by inertia and the reluctance of Asian culture to support individual voices.

And how exactly can this change?  Like all change, step by step, until it reaches a critical mass or speed.  I’m one of those who writes in English; I, at least, have a chance, in a world where English dominates.

My concerns are your concerns; my passions and hurts and woes and joys are universal.

I used to think my voice was one of many and unimportant. Lately, I’m starting to understand that I write for many who’ve remained unheard for far too long–if this doesn’t change, then forever.

Here’s the link for “Radiation”

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“Radiation”  That art glows like it’s alive, doesn’t it? ” Click to read. “…everything she could have written she dipped into the inkwell of memory. Books were burned, and the family genealogy, and anything that might single them out more than they had…”

What I mean is, you can read RADIATION now (free)

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What I mean is, you can read RADIATION now (free)

It’s at Click anywhere on the cover art, which is gorgeous, powerful, iridescent–looks like a living thing, really, and sends chills up my spine. Have you ever had that happen to you?

Q: How did it come into being?

A: At a bit of a loss as to the origins. Don’t want to freak the world by introducing myself as “Well, I saw this violin sonata triptych in my mind and followed the chanting words.”

There is never just one story but a splintered dozen or hundred and that’s what the human experience is. There is history. There is humanity. There is honor. That’s what I sought to share in slivers. A deep bow to those who came before me, and about whom I dare not pass judgment gentle or severe, whose lives were led, all of them, in dignity. I should be so lucky as to learn from them, fictive or living, and live likewise.

We all have stories we’ve heard from people we know. We can weave them into a living tapestry that touches and teaches us all. Here’s one example.

My story “Radiation” is published by Total Quality Reading,

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Just click the cover–so amazing it sends CHILLS up my spine!

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