I disagree with WordPress because we are all held in service to time; it’s a matter of degree. I can tell you who I think I am, but that will change because change is inevitable. We live; we die.

Thomas Friedman described the world as hot, flat and crowded. I don’t entirely agree, but he has a point. Does it matter where I live if I can visit anywhere with a click of a mouse? How can I tell you who I am, when I’m such a biased source?

I live in a very large city, and to most I am anonymous. I am an accretion of experiences subjectively felt and filtered. I live, I breathe, I feel through my body and my mind. And I appreciate you reading this. Or, paraphrasing Yoko Ono, two eyes, two ears, one mouth, one heart. What else is there that’s germane?

If you think I’ve left out something essential, please let me know.


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