Marfa of the Mind, part 2

The storm’s come and all’s been said and done. Now is the time to wait it out. Earlier today, I went walking. The wind was wild and so were the leaves. During a lull, I heard small birds twittering and looked up; they were huddling on the twigs of a tree against a construction overhang. So vulnerable. For them, there’s nowhere to go, naught to do but wait it out. No foraging, no food. Forced to find a way to stay warm despite the demands of their metabolisms.

I watched them and tried to learn to live. This storm brings the gift of psychic space. From my window I see rain blowing in icy gusts across the open space from sky to street and far below. The trees, not yet denuded, bow and bend their part in nature’s symphony, gold and green. The sky is one big cloud. I don’t want to lay down a memory for tomorrow. I’m grateful for the gift of present space and time. Grateful to have a Marfa that is mine, in living motion.

Perhaps this is the “answer-space” to the comment made about the first Marfa post.


~ by Shirley Kwan on October 29, 2012.

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